GIF of an early prototype of Urania built over a weekend (code-named Prometheus).

An Experiment

Urania started out as a weekend programming experiment to see if casting a wheel chart in real-time with modern programming techniques was possible. The result was a take on interactive astrology that I hadn't seen before. After spending some time using that initial prototype myself, I began showing it to a couple of magical friends. Based on their feedback I decided to take the project further and turn it into something that other mages would find useful.

The initial version of Urania loaded an entire midnight ephemeris into memory and performed the relatively simple time offset math to calculate charts in real-time. However, as development progressed and beta testers provided feedback, it became clear that while speed is important, providing support for many of the large array of astrology methods and practices is equally important. Urania's goal is to provide a balance between speed, features, and accuracy, with a focus on the needs of magicians.

That doesn't mean Urania isn't useful for non-magical astrologers, it just means that Urania primarily targets a magical workflow. There is a lot of astrology software in the world and Urania isn't trying to replace any of them. Urania is meant to be another tool in your magical tool belt.

Thank you all for your support and feedback.

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