1.0.2 Release

A new release of Urania is now available! As usual, download the executable for your OS and install via the normal mechanism. Installing the new version will replace the previous version on all platforms. All saved data and settings are persisted.

This release brings an important "feature parity" feature that will make it easier to transition to Urania from other astrology software. The most frequent question I receive about Urania is: "Why does this chart in Urania look different than in [i.e.] astro.com?"

The answer to this question is chart rotation. I'll try and cover this quickly here in text, but there's also a video description as well if that's easier (I usually prefer video).

A lot of astrology software will rotate the wheel chart so that the ascendant is on the left when using a house system like Placidus. Otherwise, if using something like the whole sign house system, or not using houses at all, the first degree of Aries is placed on the left (traditional). Urania, as of this release, now supports a new setting for chart rotation when the Placidus house system is used. When this feature is selected on the settings screen the chart will rotate to put the ascendant on the left similar to the default setting in other software. As everything in Urania is reactive the chart will rotate in real time when slowly incrementing or decrementing the date. At faster speeds the chart stops rotating and hides the ASC and MC indicators.

Rotate Chart setting (just under House System)
My chart in Urania with rotation turned on and using the Placidus house system
The same chart on astro.com

As always, reach out with any questions or comments.


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